Olga Haapa-aho 114: Well-being and equal services for all!

I’m Olga Haapa-aho, Master of Social Sciences by education and an acting Green politician from Tampere. I work as an expert of social and health security issues for a patient association (IBD). I’m a candidate standing in the county elections 2022 in Pirkanmaa, my candidate number being 114. At the moment I am a member of the Tampere city council, among other things, and have also been a member of the Pirkanmaa hospital district board. In the county council (for Pirkanmaa wellbeing services county), I wish to continue my work towards a fairer and more equitable Pirkanmaa county and equal social and health care services for all its residents. I am particularly focused on combating poverty, enhancing low-threshold health services and individual social services. It is my aim to ensure that each and every person has access to services deemed necessary regardless of their situation.

In my view, to strengthen Pirkanmaa residents’ health and well-being we need:

  • to have a prompt and timely access to health centres and social workers
  • to provide the chronically ill with a seamless service chain
  • to ensure the affordability of heath care payments
  • to offer an individual treatment and service plan for all clients
  • to increase accessible, low-threshold mental health services
  • to enhance well-being at work and alleviate the burden of work

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