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I’m Olga Haapa-aho, a Master of Social Sciences by education and an acting Green politician from Tampere. I work as an expert of social and health security issues for a patient association (IBD). At the moment I am, among other things, a member of the Tampere City Board. I want to continue my work towards a just, equitable and sustainable Tampere. In my campaign, I focus on the following themes: combating poverty, promoting effective social welfare and health care services and facilitating diverse cultural activities in the city. In addition, I want to support ambitious and effective climate policy in order to ensure that our dear hometown takes a lead in sustainability.

Social justice, human rights, and fighting inequality lie at the core of my thinking. I’m particularly focused on combating poverty, for instance by introducing basic income, and reducing health inequality as well as improving basic municipal services.

Currently, climate change is the greatest challenge for the planet and everyone’s well-being. We need concrete solutions to reduce emissions in all sectors. The fight against climate change offers new opportunities for organising public transport in a more effective way and for developing the urban fabric, investing in the transition towards a healthier diet and creating new, sustainable growth sectors and ’green-collar’jobs. We need solid and ambitious climate policy.

Animal rights and equality are issues that have always been close to my heart. Municipalities can invest in animal protection, climate-friendly vegetarian food, the rights of minorities in public services and high-quality integration facilities.

County elections 23 January 2022

Olga’s key points:
Well-being and equal services for all!

To strengthen Pirkanmaa residents’ health and well-being we need:

  • to have a prompt and timely access to health centres and social workers
  • to provide the chronically ill with a seamless service chain
  • to ensure the affordability of heath care payments
  • to offer an individual treatment and service plan for all clients
  • to increase accessible, low-threshold mental health services
  • to enhance well-being at work and alleviate the burden of work

Municipal elections 13 June 2021

Olga’s key points:
Well-being and equal opportunities for all!

Let’s combat poverty

  • by halving homelessness and improving services for the homeless
  • by ensuring the affordability of heath care payments 
  • by increasing free-of-charge opportunities for sports and other recreational activities

Let’s support health and well-being

  • by prompt and timely access to municipal health care
  • by providing the chronically ill with a seamless service chain
  • by increasing accessible, low-threshold mental health services

Let’s make Tampere a vibrant cultural city

  • by offering Tampere residents opportunities for participating in cultural activities
  • by supporting both professional operators and grass-roots initiatives in the field of culture
  • by developing multicultural activities in the field of culture

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