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I’m Olga Haapa-aho, a Master of Social Sciences by education and an acting Green politician from Tampere. I work as an expert of social and health security issues for an IBD patient association. At the moment, I am, among other things, a member of Tampere City Board and a candidate in the Finnish parliamentary elections in the Pirkanmaa electoral district.

I focus on the following themes: combatting poverty, promoting effective social welfare and health care services, and facilitating diverse cultural activities. In addition, I want to support ambitious and effective climate policy to ensure that Finland will be at the forefront of sustainability. Social justice, human rights, and fighting inequality lie at the core of my thinking. I’m particularly focused on combatting poverty, for instance by introducing universal basic income, and reducing health inequality as well as improving basic public services.

Currently, climate change is the greatest challenge for our planet and our well-being. We need concrete solutions to reduce emissions across all sectors. The fight against climate change offers new opportunities for organising public transport in a more effective way, developing the urban fabric, investing in the transition towards a healthier diet, and creating new, sustainable growth sectors and ’green-collar’ jobs. We need a solid and ambitious climate policy.

Animal rights and equality issues have always been close to my heart. Finland needs to invest in animal protection, climate-friendly vegetarian food, the rights of minorities, and a fair immigration policy.

More information:

In the Finnish Parliamentary election on 2 April 2023, my key themes are:

Minimum subsistence level must be increased

  • Increases are required for daily sickness allowances, student financial aid, and
    rehabilitation allowances
  • Guarantee pension and other pensioners’ benefits must be increased to meet costs of living
  • Basic social assistance must be increased, and merging it with other benefits and income
    from work must be facilitated

Concrete steps towards universal basic income

  • Benefits proposals provided by authorities to make applying for benefits easier
  • One universal basic income benefit to clarify the complexity of social security
  • Making fewer demands and taking individual situations into consideration better

Costs of falling ill must be decreased

  • Total reform of annual maximum limits of client fees and medicine costs
  • Paying expensive medicine in instalments must be made possible
  • Making heath services’ client fees reasonable