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Olga Haapa-aho Candidate for the Finnish Parliament – Elections 2019

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My name is Olga Haapa-aho and I’m a parliamentary candidate in the 2019 elections. I aspire to be a MP because it is important for me to work towards a fairer, more humane and sustainable Finland.

I am a Green politician from Tampere. At the moment I am a member of the Tampere City Board and the Executive Board of the Greens in Finland. Social justice, human rights, and the removal of inequalities are very important to me. I am particularly interested in developing income security, and basic income, combatting poverty and reducing health inequalities. In addition, decisive actions in climate policy need to be taken. We also have to develope Finnish legislation: a more advanced animal law, a transgender law based on self-determination and a more humane law on foreigners are on my agenda.

My three priorities for the parliamentary elections 2019

Poverty affects people of different ages in different life situations, and it tends to be transmitted across generations. Combatting poverty increases well-being in the society as a whole, and, on the societal level, this should be the key policy objective and a central focus in policy making. The most effective single measure to combat poverty consists of an adequate income for all and a clearer and more comprehensive benefit system. In the longer term, we must establish a system of a free and universal basic income. The position of disadvantaged people must be facilitated through removing disproportionate penalties. We should support people out of the risk of poverty, not further punish them.

To reduce health inequalities and differences in welfare, quality health services should be accessible to all. Investing in health in a preventive way increases well-being and saves costs. We must support and encourage children and young people to a broad range of sports and cultural activities. In all social and health services, it is necessary to intensify efforts to an early identification of problems, in order to provide people with timely assistance. Therefore, we need investments in health care centers. In addition, the costs of medicine and health care must be reduced by lowering and combining the ceiling for the different levies. Individuals with lowest incomes should be freed from all charges in social and health services.

For me it is of utmost importance to maintain a viable planet. To reach this goal, I want to work for binding decisions to combat climate change and to assume our global responsibility. Individual actions are not enough against this major challenge; binding political decisions are needed. In addition, we need a fair immigration policy and an increase in development aid. Furthermore, the proportion of food of animal origin should be reduced by refocusing taxation more on animal products and subsidies more on vegetable products. This is essential also in the context of animal rights.

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