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I am Olga Haapa-aho, a 29-year-old politician of the Greens of Finland. I study Social Policy at the University of Tampere and work as Secretary for Social Welfare Affairs at Tamy, the Student Union of University of Tampere.

Ever since I was a child, I have wanted to make a difference and to have an influence on society. I first became aware of social evils when I was eight years old and listened to my sister’s stories about the destruction of rainforests and Ken Saro-Wiwa. My family and I spent that winter in Nicaragua, which further provoked my interest in political issues such as poverty, inequality, and global justice. Naturally, my view of the world has evolved since, but the core concerns have remained the same: human rights, inequality both in Finland and globally, and taking care of the environment.

The issues that I am especially interested in are promoting the basic income system, public welfare services, equality, and animal rights. I believe that an unconditional basic income system would be a just and simple way of ensuring essential livelihood for all, regardless of their situation. The current bureaucratic system humiliates people and discourages work and enterprise. It is time to update Finnish social security to meet today’s needs. In addition to basic income, public health and welfare services are crucial in fighting social inequality. The funding for public services must be secured.

As a feminist, I strongly feel that sex, ethnicity and social standing or class, among other things, should not restrict anyone’s possibilities to express oneself, study, work, or start a family. In order to achieve this, we need more equality in working life and in the division of parental leaves; we need to promote education of minorities; we need better support systems; and we need to make the residence permit process more equitable.

I also want to speak up for animal welfare and to promote sustainable food production. One of my goals is to impose stricter constraints on factory farming and facilitate the production of vegetarian options by subsidization.

For further information, please contact me ( See my CV below for more information on my work history and educational background.

Curriculum Vitae


2006  Finnish Matriculation Examination, Jyväskylän Lyseo Upper Secondary School

2014  Bachelor of Social Sciences, University of Tampere

  • Major subject: Social Policy
  • Minor subjects: Women’s Studies, Spanish Language and Culture, Environmental Politics

Work Experience and Positions of Trust

City of Tampere

2013–2017    Tampere City Council, deputy member

2015-2017    Tampere City Board, deputy member

2015-2017   Tampere City Board’s Human Resources Section, deputy chairperson

2013–2017  Committee for Services Promoting Culture and Quality of Life, deputy member

2013–2015  Committee for Senior Citizens’ Services, deputy member

2013–2015  Committee for Services Promoting Health and Functional Ability, member

Greens of Finland

2011–2016    Virnu ry – Tampere’s local youth wing of the Greens of Finland, board member

2012–2013    Virnu ry, chairperson

2011–2016    Kalevi ry – the Greens of the Kaleva neighbourhood, board member

2016   Kalevi ry – the Greens of the Kaleva neighbourhood, chairperson

2016  Committee of animal rights of Greens of Finland, chairperson

BIEN Finland

2013    BIEN Finland – Finnish Basic Income Earth Network, board member

University of Tampere

2010–2012    Committee for Student Financial Aid, vice chairperson

2011–2012    NaMi – Women’s and Men’s Studies student organization, board member

2010    Department of Social Research, member of board of directors

2011–2012    Tampere Student Housing Foundation, deputy board member

2013–2016    Tampere Student Housing Foundation, board member

Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS)

2011–2017    FSHS Tampere Unit, member of board of directors

2014–2015    FSHS Tampere Unit, chairperson of board of directors

Student Union of University of Tampere (Tamy)

2011–    Secretary for Social Welfare Affairs

2010–2011    Council of Representatives, member

2010    Executive Board, member

  • Area of responsibility: Social Welfare Affairs

Finnish Immigration Service

2011    Trainee