Equality and good welfare services in Tampere

The municipal elections are coming up and we have the opportunity to make Tampere more sustainable and equal for all the residents of Tampere. Everyone who has lived in Finland for at least two years is entitled to vote in the municipal elections. On the official vaalit/elections website, you can find information in several languages: http://www.vaalit.fi/fi/index/vaalit/kunnallisvaalit/

I am a candidate for the Green Party in Tampere. I study Social Policy at the University of Tampere and work as Secretary for Social Welfare Affairs at Tamy, the Student Union of the University of Tampere. I am currently a deputy member of the city council and the city board, and  I am also the chairperson of the Greens in Tampere.

The issues that I am especially interested in include promoting sufficient income for everyone, public welfare services, equality, and animal rights. As a feminist, I strongly feel that sex, ethnicity, and social status or class, among other things, should not restrict anyone’s possibilities to express oneself, study, work, or start a family.

In the municipal elections, I want to reduce poverty by making sure that we have functonal social services and enough affordable rental apartments. We need to provide good services for the homeless and those with substance abuse problems. To make Tampere more equal, I want to improve the immigration services and gender awareness in schools and health care. It is also important to support the diversity of cultural happenings and different kinds of organisations in Tampere.

I am happy to discuss more about my themes and politics so don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.